Rope Swing

Terms & Conditions

The Artwork

  • The Artist always owns the original artwork unless specified in writing by Avalon Media Productions.
  • If the client wants ownership of the original artwork a further fee shall be negotiated.
  • Ownership of artwork does not mean ownership of copyright.
  • Any loss or damage to the artwork while in the client´s care shall be charged at the full price of the artwork.
  • Any alterations to the artwork by anyone other than the artist must have permission in writing from the artist or Avalon Media Productions.


  • The Artist always retains copyright (Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988).
  • The copyright may be purchased at a further fee with the agreement of the artist and Avalon Media Productions.
  • Ownership of copyright does not mean ownership of artwork.


  • A license will be bought by the client allowing them to use an image on specific format, usage, time and location. If the license is incorrect Avalon Media Productions must be informed immediately.
  • The license only starts once the artwork has been paid for in full.
  • Using an image without a license can result in prosecution.
  • If a further license is required, or the license expires and needs to be renewed this must be done before the artwork is reused.
  • The license can not be passed on to a third party.
  • Any changes in the license must first be agreed in writing by Avalon Media Productions.

The Artist

  • The artist is allowed to use any image they have created for self–promotion.
  • If the client supplies reference material or images for the artist to use it is the client´s responsibility to obtain any copyright or license that might be needed.
  • The artist is responsible for obtaining the copyright for any material they supply.


  • The artist will keep to all agreed deadlines if the client keeps to its deadlines. If there are any delays in briefing the work, supplying of reference material, approval of roughs the artist can not guarantee keeping to the initial deadline, and will not be held responsible for any losses incurred by missing the deadline.
  • Avalon Media Productions and the artist can not be held responsible for the loss of artwork by a third party.
  • The client shall pay for all courier fees relating to work done for the client.


  • If the job, once commissioned, is cancelled the following fees are payable:
  • 25% of agreed fee if cancelled before delivery of the roughs.
  • 50% of agreed fee if cancelled after delivery of the roughs.
  • 100% of agreed fee if cancelled after approval of roughs and delivery of finished artwork.


  • If the artwork is rejected fees payable at the following stages are:
  • 25% of agreed fee if rejected at rough stage.
  • 75% of agreed fee if a rough had not been requested and the final artwork is supplied.
  • However if the artist has worked to brief in a style consistent with their portfolio then 100% of the fee is payable.
  • If the artwork is rejected the client has no rights to the artwork – all rights remain with the artist.
  • The artwork may not be rejected after the client has used it.

Payment Terms

  • Payment shall be made within thirty days of the date of the invoice.
  • Late payment may be subject to an interest charge of 2.5% per month.

Copyrights & Permissions

The artwork, imagery, and logos used on this website are copyrighted intellectual property of Avalon Media Productions and its clients, and are used here by permission. These materials may not be reproduced anywhere, except by their respective copyright and trademark holders.

All material, including text, artwork, and design, is copyright 2004–2006 to Avalon Media Productions and Braeden Black, and may not be reproduced by anyone anywhere without explicit written permission. Reproducing anything on this site without obtaining permission from the copyright holder and without paying the required licensing fee could cause you some major heartache. If you would like to use some part of my site or my artwork don´t hesitate to Contact Me.

You can study my source code, learn from it and adapt elements of my CSS in your own projects, but my unique combination of imagery, colors, sizes, typography, positioning and placement, hence "The Design" is copyright 2004–2006 Avalon Media Productions and Braeden Black and may not be reproduced.

Thank You,
The LoneWolf - 08/11/06