Rope Swing

Feature Project Mother & Child Concept Background Image:
(Freelance Work)

MeLeeLees Designer Infant & Child Wear Mom & Child Concept Background Image
  • Who: The first concept in a series of 3 custom background images for the MeLeeLees... More Information >>

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Welcome to the Avalon Media Productions. As you may have noticed this site has been completely redesigned from the ground up. Not only does AMP look different but there are some new features as well, and more on the way. I hope you like my new look, but if you are having a hard time reading it there is also a "High Contrast" version available if you need.

Thank You,
The LoneWolf – 09/26/06

Project Development

Learning Advanced Coloring with Photoshop:

Coloring Pencil Drawing With Photoshop

This project is a working in progress. I am practicing advanced coloring techniques with the help of a Digital Creative Arts magazine and an incredible drawing by Gislene Mayumi Matsui. Using a Wacom tablet I started by giving the background a twilight feel followed by filling in the solid areas of color. Please stay tuned as I get more details done on this personal project.