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Wow time sure flies by, has it really been 5 months since my last update. That´s crazy! It sure can be tough to find the time to work on your own stuff when your busy creating awesome work for clients.

But I´m sure that after checking out my latest work & my latest additions to my portfolio you´ll forgive me for being too busy.

So what was my latest project?

Just the best little brewery in British Columbia, the Nelson Brewing Company Ltd! They focus on Certified Organic, Hand–Crafted, Traditionally Styled Beers. Yum! Yum!

They have gone through some branding changes a& wanted the look & feel of their web site to match. Even though the deadline was tight, I pulled it off & got a sweet letter from the guys over at the Brewery.

"We are all very proud of the final results… It´s been a pleasure working with you & we will spread the word of your fine creative talents"
– Cheers NBC Al –

Now it´s comments like that, that put a smile on your face & make you happy with the career you´ve chosen. Now Check Out Their New Site, or View the Before & After Shots in My Portflolio.

Thank You,
The LoneWolf – 08/10/07

Project Development

Learning Advanced Coloring with Photoshop:

Coloring Pencil Drawing With Photoshop

This project is a working in progress. I am practicing advanced coloring techniques with the help of a Digital Creative Arts magazine and an incredible drawing by Gislene Mayumi Matsui. Using a Wacom tablet I started by giving the background a twilight feel followed by filling in the solid areas of color. Please stay tuned as I get more details done on this personal project.