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Feature Project

MeLeeLees Designer Infant & Child Wear Logo:
(Freelance Work)

MeLeeLees Designer Infant & Child Wear Logo
  • Who: MeLeeLees, a band new online store and my first e-commerce site, for unsurpassed selections in Designer Infant and Children´s clothing... More Information >>

That´s Sweet!!!

News Flash!!!

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Welcome back to Avalon Media Productions. It´s been a while since the News Flash section has been updated, but I assure you for good reason.

For the last four months I have been working very hard and now I can happily say that "I´ve done it." Done what you ask? As of the 1st of March I completed my very first E–Commerce site.

If you would like to know a bit more about this project go to the "Design Work" section of my site and look under either of the these 3 sections; Web Design, Illustration, and Branding.

Thank You,
The LoneWolf – 03/13/07

Project Development

Learning Advanced Coloring with Photoshop:

Coloring Pencil Drawing With Photoshop

This project is a working in progress. I am practicing advanced coloring techniques with the help of a Digital Creative Arts magazine and an incredible drawing by Gislene Mayumi Matsui. Using a Wacom tablet I started by giving the background a twilight feel followed by filling in the solid areas of color. Please stay tuned as I get more details done on this personal project.